Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of services do you offer?
A: We offer “complete” health, fitness and & Nutrition Coaching Programs, Private One-on-One and Semi-Private Two on One personal training services.

Q: In the Semi-Private training sessions will I get enough individual attention?
A: Yes you will get the same motivation, accountability, instruction and guidance...and that's why we only do Two on One and not anything more. Our programs have been designed specifically to work with either One on One or Two on One training protocols. Our Semi-Private workouts are fast paced and fun and you will enjoy the encouragement and camaraderie of training with your fellow workout partners.

Q: What types of clients do you work with?
A: We typically work with clients that want to reduce body-fat, lose weight, increase their
strength, and develop a lean and toned physique. Our clients range from high school athletes
focused on sports performance to people in their later years wanting to feel great and maximise
their quality of life. A vast majority are middle age men and women that want to look and feel
their best, get fit and improve their health. They’re typically “sick and tired” of being “sick and
tired” and have finally decided it’s time to focus on making time for fitness (and their own health
and well-being).

Q: How is working with you different from working with a trainer at my gym or health

A: We know it’s about much more than “just a workout”. It’s about results and achievement. Just
as importantly, we know it’s all about how you feel during your time with us and the
achievement you will feel when reaching your fitness goals. We are fitness professionals and
pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service and helping our client sot get the best results
possible with their health and fitness program. All our programs are complete in that they include
what we call the 5 proven components of success:

1. Nutrition- the foundation of all health for life.
2. Resistance training- to develop a lean toned muscle and “super-charge” your metabolism.
3. Cardiovascular exercise- to optimise fat burning.
4. Flexibility- to prevent injury, promote recovery.
5. Coaching and Education- we provide expert knowledge, support, and accountability- all the things thatmake the difference in “getting you to the finish line.”

This ensures that our clients not only get the best immediate results possible in the shortest
period of time, but also develop the lifestyle habits required to maintaining those results over the
long haul.

Q: What types of results can I expect to achieve in working with you?
A: Exceptional results. We work closely with you to support you every step of the way. We are not a big commercial gym where you get lost in the crowd. All our focus is on you and your success is our success. Our trainers have the highest levels of qualification, experience and professionalism.

We also have a solid understanding that it’s different strokes for different folks. For example, some of clients might be insulin resistant or have an under-active thyroid, they may have PCOS or be suffering from leptin resistance. All these conditions require some major changes to their programs. We realise that every single aspect of a person’s current lifestyle, their fitness history, their genetics, their body-type, their blood type, their metabolic type and the list goes on, requires adjustments to not only their workouts but the way they eat. And these adjustments need to be included into their programs in order to get maximum results.

Q: Where do you work with clients?
A: We work with the majority of our clients out of our private training studio located at 144 Centaur St, Revesby Heights. We do have mobile personal trainers who work for us who can come to your home or a park nearby.

Q: What’s included in your personal training programs?
A: All of our programs include an initial consultation, a Fitness Assessment, a Dynamic Postural Assessment, a Fitness Challenge, a Nutrition Analysis and Program, Food and Diet tracking, 24 hour Email Support, a Homework Exercise Program, Support and Encouragement, Regular Personal Training sessions developed specifically for You on a Weekly basis, Tracking and Re-Assessments, Someone  that you can Trust and Rely on, who knows what you’re like and that will push you towards your Goals, Motivate you and make you Accountable for your Success. 

Q: Are your services and programs right for me?
A:  You’ll never know till you try. We are happy for you to turn your Free Consultation into a Free Training Session to see if our style of training suits you and your needs and also to see if you are totally happy with our Trainers, our Facility and our Level of Customer Service.

Our services and programs might not be right for you at this time and we are more than happy to provide you assistance to find you a more viable option. It might be to join another gym, group exercise class or we can write you out a program. We want to help YOU. Our goal is to provide you with what ever it takes for you to be successful.    

Q: How long do your fitness programs last?
A: Our ‘Energiser Program’ carries a minimum 18 week commitment and our ‘Pure Results’ program carries a minimum 36 week commitment. (we determine the appropriate number of sessions given your goals, level of commitment, and budget). Not only do we want you to get some serious results, but we want to develop positive new habits into your lifestyle.

Some clients prefer to do all their workouts with us and meet with us multiple times per week, while others do great with program design and perform one or two of their workouts with us and the rest as homework either at home or outdoors. Or if they participate in sporting events or sports training we can integrate this into their programs. We’ll determine together what’s best for you during your initial consultation.

Over 80% of our clientele have been with us for over a year and many over 2-5 years. We have a very high retention rate. They are happy with our service and have chosen to integrate Personal Training into their weekly routines. Whatever you choose to do you must make your health and fitness a priority. The benefits exercise brings not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically far outweigh the obstacles that may stop you from doing it.

Q: How long do the workouts last?
A: Depending on your goals and budget the majority of our One on One clients do 30min sessions. There is a 50/50 split with Semi-Private but we expect our clients to come in 5mins early to warmup on a piece of cardio equipment. We then take them through a great 30min workout and after that, depending on their goals again, we encourage them to do 10-20mins of interval training on their own after we set it up for them on a piece of cardio equipment. So in reality a 30min workout nearly always becomes a 40-50min workout. This strategy produces really good results.

Q: How much does it cost to work with you?
A: Prices vary for the type of program you choose, but in general our Private One-on-One  rates range between $40-$50 per 30min & $70-$80 per 1 Hour Private One on One Personal Training Session, between $25-$30 per 30min & $45-$50 per 1 Hour Semi-Private One on Two or One on Three . There is also a one-off joining fee of $97. The joining fee is a once-off never to be paid again charge which covers our admin costs, and a welcome pack that we give you which includes a T-shirt, info pack, Rebel discount card, Newsletter and a few other goodies.

Q: I’m interested in working with you, what’s the best way to speak with you further?
A: By scheduling a free health and fitness consultation. Email us direct at: or call me direct on 0411 437 907 to schedule your Complimentary Health and Fitness Consultation or Free Workout Today! Alternatively go back to the home page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Q: How many times a week do I need to meet with the trainer?
A: It all depends on your goals. For the majority of people 2 -3 times a week which is just about right. We do have some who see us only once per week and it is essential that you stick to your assigned homework if this is the case.

Q: Do I need to do any other workouts on my own if I'm seeing a personal trainer?
A: Depending on your goals and the amount of times you see us, there is a home exercise or homework component that needs to be completed. In most cases it involves light to moderate cardio or metabolic exercise. Which is purposely designed to be simple and not complicated.


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